Feel like winning an Acer Aspire One netbook?   Denaihati, with a passion “Hidup Untuk Memberi” is organizing contests.  Two, yes not One, but two Acer Aspire One Netbooks are here for grabs.  Eligible blogs may win these great prizes.  There are two contests will be conducted  simultaneously throughout 2010. These contests are opened to  blogs  all around the globe.  You Hear me Right : ) : WorldWide Acceptance.  However, submissions from Forum, Community and Websites are not qualified.

Acer Aspire One

There are three things you need to do to become eligible.

1. Register by making an entry about this contest on your blog, and then, leave your entry comment here.  Choose your contest link entry via CommentLuv when commenting and don’t forget to include sentences “I Know “Hidup Untuk Memberi” Contest from… :  Example.  I know this “Hidup Untuk Memberi” Contest from

2. Follow @

3. Follow @

The First Acer Aspire One will be awarded to a TOP LINK REFERRER. Traffic Analysis of that blog will be based on Google Analytics.  You are free to come up with any methods you think best in generating traffics towards this entry.  Just Be Creative.  Here is an example.  You may try by putting banner or link to for each new entry to attract your blog visitors.

The Second Acer Aspire One will be awarded to TOP COMMENTOR of 2010.  Now, commencing on Mac 2010, TOP Monthly Commenter will get a free one month advertising space here on  Mac Top Commenter was won by KULANSALLEH.COM (Congrats!!).  You could be next.  Minimum requirement for one comment is 7 words per comment.  Comment away my friends.

Now put a bit of an effort you can earn extra DOLLAR!! by promoting this“DENAIHATI” contest.  RM20 is yours for each referral.  The more people join the contest under you, the more money you make.  How fun is that.  Referral here means people joining this contest made aware by your blog entry.

As a gratitude, all blog contests will be listed here in DenaiHati BlOGROLL, benefiting the current status of Denaihati’s PR4 blog.  In addition, Denaihati and these sponsors :, and Anisha Online Mall will announce Second and Third prizes for  TOP LINK REFERRER and TOP COMMENTERS respectively in next entry.

Closing Date : 11.59:59pm on 31/12/2010

Result : Winners will be announced two weeks after contest closing date.

Contest Sponsors :

1.    Alansarproperties : Property Sellers of Banglo Lot / Banglo in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

2. :  Organising and Managing Communications, Campaigns and Events

3.    Anisha Online Mall : Wholeseller of Malaysia Wudhu Socks.

(Individuals and corporates / organizations are more than welcome to become sponsors.  Please contact me directly by channels stated below)

Questions :

Should you have any questions, you can ask me directly  on twitter @Denaihati, facebook @ Denaihati or leave a message on comment form or contact. Please come again to see new updates or better yet, you can subscribe via email.

@The English version is translated from Bahasa Malaysia entry “Acer Aspire One untuk anda miliki percuma” by Incik Rizal. Feel free to visit his creative blog RestnRileks. Thank you Incik Rizal.

@Don’t forget to drop by to our fantastic 1st and 2nd contester’s blog and



  1. Aku pada mulanya blogwalking sampai kat blog.ariff
    Then sampaila kat Denaihati plak.

    Pastu, bila dah baca heygirl279 punya entry, tergerak hati nak masuk jugak lah contest nie. So.. aku pun tulis satu article jugak.

    I know “Hidup Untuk Memberi” Contest from

    I Wish for an Aspire 4741G but Aspire One is good enough. Hehehe…
    Curahan rasa Anwar Osman @ Computer Technicians @ ..Wish for Acer Aspire 4741G but Aspire One is Good EnoughMy Profile

    1. @Steward John, komen patut kne dlm BI gak la.. hahaha…
      .-= Pisyek´s last blog ..Gadis itu suka aku? =-.

        1. @Steward John, oh, yes… why not we do comment in english… i love to comment in english… more people could understand what i want to talk about… hehe…
          .-= Pisyek´s last blog ..Gadis itu suka aku? =-.

          1. @Pisyek, Oh really? That will be a great idea then. Participants from all over Asean countries are now able to join in and commenting, or perhaps spread their gossips. huahaha

            1. @Steward John, haha… that’s interesting… maybe after this i’ll start commenting in korean.. haha.. 나는 한국을 사랑 (i love korean) 😆
              .-= Pisyek´s last blog ..Tips menjadi pelajar cemerlang =-.

    2. @Steward John, Suatu usaha yang bagus. 🙂
      .-= Wawwi´s last blog ..Laptop Acer Aspire Percuma =-.

          1. @Steward John, haha… my english is not so good to qualified me to be an instructor… :mrgreen:
            .-= Pisyek´s last blog ..Tips menjadi pelajar cemerlang =-.

            1. @Pisyek, sangkut je gune hanger, x payah lipat… hahaha..
              .-= Pisyek´s last blog ..Gadis itu suka aku? =-.

            2. @Pisyek, xpun jemur kat ampaian, x pyh angkat. nak pakai baru amik.. haha.. kreatif sungguh.. :mrgreen:
              .-= Pisyek´s last blog ..Pasca WordCamp Malaysia 2010 =-.

    1. @Pisyek, Chop 1.. mesti2x.
      .-= Wawwi´s last blog ..Laptop Acer Aspire Percuma =-.

          1. @Steward John, nnt 1 untuk pisyek, 1 untuk awek pisyek… hehe… 😀
            .-= Pisyek´s last blog ..Gadis itu suka aku? =-.

            1. @Pisyek, haha… beruntung sape jadi awek pisyek tu… hehe…
              .-= Pisyek´s last blog ..Gadis itu suka aku? =-.

            2. @Pisyek, haha.. nnt ramai la pulak nk jadi awek pisyek.. 😆
              .-= Pisyek´s last blog ..Gadis itu suka aku? =-.

            3. @Pisyek, cepat2, amik no pisyek, 017-xx (g salin kat blog pisyek.. hehe..) 😆
              .-= Pisyek´s last blog ..Pasca WordCamp Malaysia 2010 =-.

  2. @zuls, aha, join la zuls, tak dak masalah. Peluang macam minyak masak seri murni dengan pemeringkatan dua kali.

    1. @zuls, Selamat berjuang. Perjuangan mesti diteruskan 🙂
      .-= Wawwi´s last blog ..Laptop Acer Aspire Percuma =-.

  3. Laptop Acer Aspire Percuma

    Berminat untuk sertai Contest ini 🙂
    Saya tahu contest ini dari denaihati.
    .-= Wawwi´s last blog ..Laptop Acer Aspire Percuma =-.

      1. @Steward John, Hari tu dah gtau y saya lum join g.. hehehe 😀
        Baru nak join harap2x sempat sebelum kuota habis.. 😀
        .-= Wawwi´s last blog ..Laptop Acer Aspire Percuma =-.

          1. @Steward John, Ada buat serba sedikit 20hb saya dah start promote denaihati masa time trafik di web dan blog naik mendadak.. Skunk dah slow semula.. huhuhu. Takpa akan diusahakan mempromosi untuk dapatkan hit sebanyak mungkin.

            Untuk contest komen2x ini rsanya agak sukarlah coz nak kena urus cam2x. Apapun good luck saudara coz potensi nak menang tinggi tu.. Teruskan semangat untuk komen2 ya 🙂 Saya akan cuba bersaing komen2x nih. Target hujung tahun ada kat 2K komen saya di denaihati.. hehehe
            .-= Wawwi´s last blog ..Laptop Acer Aspire Percuma =-.

            1. @Wawwi, Ler, kalau traffic masuk dekat blog tu tinggi, memang nak cuba referral tu. Ni nampaknya traffic tak la tinggi sangat, kena cari alternatif lain pulak.

              Tapi elok juga mengomen ni, nak naikkan sikit backlinks. Mengharap sangat PR blog saya tu naik sikit pun tak pe. hehe

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